Standing Out from the Crowd: Innovative Video Production Techniques

Video production is the new king. It’s a more interactive way of providing content for your target audience since it is easier to digest and captures the audience’s attention more effectively than other forms of media. If you’re a business and you want to stand out from the competition, it’s time to leverage video production to maximize your reach (if you haven’t done that yet). This guide will also provide video production techniques that showcase innovation to ensure you can achieve your goals.  

Innovative Video Production Techniques

When you read guides on creating a video and why you need it for your business, you encounter the same tips repeatedly. While these tips are essential, such as considering your target audience and including a call to action, we will focus on the creative process and technical aspects of video production. Discover the innovative video production techniques that make your video content highly interactive and engaging. 

1. Drone Footage

Adding aerial images and videos can truly elevate your video production. This technique adds scale to your video, which can work great for video content for real estate and other similar purposes. You can highlight the specific area or location to showcase the video or support the video content with dynamic footage. 

Using drone technology provides distinctive angles and perspectives relevant to your content that you won’t be able to deliver by any other means.

aerial video production

2. Augmented Reality Elements

Adding augmented reality (AR) elements can make your videos more engaging and eye-catching. So, what AR elements do you need to make your video stand out? 

First would be animated graphics; these elements increase the interactive nature of the video and help emphasize specific points or inject humor, whichever is necessary. Next, you can incorporate text overlays into your video to emphasize specific points and make it easier for the viewers to digest the information presented. And lastly, you can add virtual objects as an overlay into real-world elements in the video to add sci-fi effects or make it more visually compelling. 

When adding AR elements, make sure they serve a purpose so that they are not overdone or stand out for the wrong reasons. 

3. Motion Graphics/Animation

Motion graphics and animation are another technique that significantly enhances your video production. When you incorporate dynamic motion into your videos, you provide added visual interest. In addition, you can use graphics to convey ideas in an engaging manner. It is beneficial when showcasing elaborate concepts; you want to capture your audience’s attention instead of boring them. 

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is a concept in video production that has risen immensely in popularity in recent years. Although it has various media applications, it is most valuable and impactful in video production.

For best results, integrate your VR techniques with AR for maximum emotional impact and audience retention. These techniques add layers of information or deepen the storytelling in your videos. Adding various perspectives to your video also opens possibilities, enabling more reach to your target audience and making them feel in control rather than a passive member of the audience. 

Aside from incorporating VR techniques to enhance storytelling, which is excellent for branding and marketing, many businesses employ this technique in video production for enhanced learning. For example, it helps develop training videos and tutorials. It is beneficial in simulating realistic scenarios for a more in-depth learning experience. 

5. Cinematic Camera Techniques

You can experiment with cinematic camera techniques and angled shots to make your video stand out. Any filmmaker or video expert knows the value of cinematography in filmmaking because it emphasizes themes, enhances narrative, and evokes emotions. A few cinematic camera techniques in your video production include lens choices, careful framing, angled shots, and focusing. When you add musical scoring, this can significantly enhance the cinematic experience that your audience can get from your videos. 

Be careful not to overdo your use of cinematic techniques, as this will defeat the purpose of delivering a cinematic experience. Use these techniques to emphasize certain points or scenarios in the video. 

6. UGC Integration

User-generated content (UGC) became a buzzword in social media, and it continues to reign supreme for brands and businesses that leverage it for social proof. UGC is any content produced by a user of a product or brand. Brands share this content on their social media or product pages to showcase how users utilize their products. 

Incorporating UGC into your video production can amplify engagement because it provides a more authentic perspective of a brand than hearing the story from the perspective of it. User-generated content also draws interest because people are intrigued by something that promises authenticity, which is what UGC is about.

Incorporating UGC into your video production.

7. 360-Degree Video

The 360-degree video technique is gaining popularity on social media. However, you can incorporate it into various types of videos, such as marketing and branding. It adds a fun element to your video while also making it immersive. 

The advantage of using the 360-degree video technique is the opportunity to showcase an object, person, or event from every angle in an engaging way. Many cameras or video equipment offer 360-degree capabilities when capturing footage, so you don’t need to spend a ton of money to produce this type of video. 

8. Time Lapse Video

Time-lapse videos are any video content recorded in real time and speeded up to compress lengthy content. They are a great way to transform a mundane shot into visually appealing content and showcase a transformation, such as shooting the sun as it sets on the horizon. If you can pick the right content for the time-lapse video, it can significantly enhance the overall value of your video content. 


Using innovative video production techniques is vital to your success. However, it is only a medium that you use to capture the target audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd. The content and information you provide in the video are still essential to your success. So, provide a balance of quality and techniques in your video to offer value to your audience. That’s the winning formula for your video production success!

How to Choose the Right Video Production Company for Your Needs

Video content is the new king. There is compelling evidence that shows how impactful video is as a marketing medium. Whether through YouTube videos, TikTok content, or professional branded video production, employing video for your business marketing is one way to guarantee more reach for your business. Therefore, it’s time to start scouting out a video production company with services aligned with your needs to maximize your investment.

This guide helps you navigate the process of selecting the right video production company.

Why Hire a Video Production Company

Before anything else, let’s explore the benefits of hiring a video production company. A common question business owners might ask is why hire when they can DIY their video production.

The clear benefit of hiring a video production company is access to video equipment and tools. If this is your first time trying video production, you must acquire the necessary tools to shoot and edit your video. That would entail a significant expense on your part, which can be burdensome if you’re a small business. On the other hand, hiring a video production company gives you more flexibility with your budget. Some companies offer various packages that differ in pricing, which you could choose from based on your needs and budget.

Employing video for business marketing.

Quality is another reason to hire a video production company versus doing it yourself. Let’s say you could use your smartphone to shoot videos for your business or employ free editing tools. Even if you can access the tools for free, you don’t have the same level of professional expertise as video experts. The quality won’t be the same, and you won’t achieve the goals you’ve set out for doing video production in the first place.

Lastly, time is a critical factor. If you hire a video production company, all you need to do is show up for the shoot, and they can take care of the rest. The post-video production process is more time-consuming, depending on the extent of your video production needs. If you were to do this by yourself, it would take up valuable time that you could use to manage the core aspects of your business instead. You would be more productive if you let the professionals handle this. 

Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Now that you understand why hiring a video production company is more beneficial than going DIY, it’s time to navigate the selection process. 

1. Frame your research.

When you don’t know how and where to begin, choosing from the vast options of available video production companies can be overwhelming. Therefore, you should frame your search to narrow down your list.

For example, you may be seeking a video production company specializing in quick and small-scale videos for your business’s social media content. More companies are doing this nowadays, so you can leverage the technical savvy of video professionals to create compelling and creative videos for your business.

On the other hand, you can choose a full-service video production company if you need to create full-range marketing or branding videos.

Understanding the purpose of your video is essential to finding the right video production company.

Members of video production company.

2. Create a List of Requirements

Once you know what type of video you want, you can create a technical list of requirements. This is essential so you can quickly refer to it when comparing your options.

For example, you are looking for a specific branding or video style. Please take note of that when comparing various companies and their video portfolio. You should match your desired video style to the style of the video company to achieve your deliverables. You would be disappointed if you hired a particular video production company to create videos entirely out of their expertise. Hence, you should study their style and see if it aligns with your desire.

3. Check their Portfolio.

This step continues with what was mentioned earlier: You must study the style and capabilities  of the video production company before hiring them. Know their techniques and the type of videos they make. Looking at their sample videos helps you better grasp their storytelling and video editing techniques, especially overall aesthetics.

4. Assess Their Team Expertise

Every member of a video production company has something unique to offer to the team. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate the expertise of each team member to assess the breadth of their capabilities. For example, you want to incorporate animations into your video, so check if they have animators on their team. Thus, it would be a good idea to investigate if they are willing to take on your project and if they can show you samples of similar works from the past. 

Be open to possibilities and explore how creative the team can be in interpreting your vision.

5. Consider Their Process

Aside from evaluating the individual expertise of the team, you should also study their creative process. The process will provide valuable insights into the dedication of the team to their craft, which will show in their final output. The level of detail they put into the creative process reflects their commitment to providing the best possible outcome. 

6. Gather Quotes

What good would the services be of a video production company if you cannot afford to hire them? Consider your budget and gather quotes from various companies. It will give you an idea of the prevailing price point for these services and align it with your budget. Considering your other needs, you can decide the best option within your price range. 

When planning your budget, leave room for unexpected costs that might arise during the video production. However, professional companies will do their best to work within your budget if it is within their capabilities. 

With the right video production company to help you, you can increase engagement, guide customers in their buying journey, or drive sales. Whatever your goal is, the right video partner will help your business get there.